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Macrame Artist



CRAFT(Cindy's Rediscovered Arts Fashionable Today) FLAIRE

Inspired by vintage fiber art pieces, I rediscovered an artistic way to create a softer textured door or window fiber art treatment with the decorative knotting of macrame/ weaving techniques for interior decorating, to be both beautiful and functional!

I am a Pattern Designer and Maker of these free-form hand-knotted treatments. I do not follow exact patterns. Rather I pick and choose knots that help me create a piece that not only is attractive to look at but also serves a purpose!

Consider one of my Macrame Curtain Patterns to complete a Unique Curtain for your Home or Shop Decor and complement a theme in your own comfort space!

Whether it is a door curtain, closet curtain, room divider, wall tapestry, window curtain, or tabletop runner, most importantly, you end up with an Heirloom to pass on to your family!


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