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Acrylic/Glass/Fiber Artist

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Working as an accountant, I have always made art as a hobby. My work evolved from needlepoint to acrylic painting, from felting to tie dye, from jewelry-making to glass bead-making and pretty much everything in-between.  I have been melting glass for 5 years and hope to do it full time soon.  Although I continue to dabble in fiber arts and acrylic pouring, my focus now is on my glass work.

I love melting glass with my hands. It’s like magic! And it’s extremely difficult to master, so I will continue learning for the rest of my life.  All my glass work goes straight from the torch into a kiln for proper annealing, making it strong.  I also love glass fusing and am learning new techniques every day. I plan to retire early so that I can spend my time making art that reflects the natural beauty of Prescott. Living here in Prescott is a life-long dream come true.


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