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Jewelry Designer

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Metal is the focus of my jewelry. By bending, forming and hammering metal into geometric and fanciful shapes, and then combining it with various gemstones and other unusual finds, I am able to create beautiful and contemporary jewelry. Lately I’ve been combining metal with resin and snippets of images from Susan Schmitt’s greeting cards to create colorful, lightweight and durable necklaces and earrings. (Susan’s greeting cards are available at the Prescott Art Market.)


While a style or concept may be similar, each piece I make is unique. I frequently work with customers to create special pieces that reflect their interests and tastes. 


Since childhood, I have always been a creator.  First - clothes for my dolls and then for myself. I explored knitting, needlework, block printing and many other crafts. In 2003, I was looking for jewelry to coordinate with Victorian costumes and couldn't find just the right thing. So I began making my own and found I wasn't able to stop. Luckily, I had just retired from a career in the software industry and so could focus completely on all things jewelry. In 2005, I started Slinky Lynnx Chic to make my designs available to others who were also looking for something different.

​I am primarily self-taught and have an extensive library covering every facet of jewelry-making from selecting components to fabricating a piece. I'm continually refining my jewelry-making techniques and am always adding new ones to my repertoire. Whatever technique I use, I concentrate on creating jewelry that is lovely to look at, comfortable to wear, and durable.

​I am passionate about gemology and share that passion in a monthly column for a local publication. My column focuses on the history and folklore of gemstones, as well as jewelry style and design. I also share this information in my blog and in the Jewelry Facets pages of my website. 


I live in the mountains of north-central Arizona where the beauty of the desert, mountains, and ever-changing sky influences my designs. ​I share my home with two dogs - Ella and Kayla - and three cats - Ebony, Onyx and Oreo. They keep me amused with their antics.​ When I'm not making jewelry, you'll find me curled up with a good book. Mysteries and histories particularly about the Victorian era are among my favorites.


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