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I had a challenging career in international manufacturer representation, I loved my job and the experience of European travel but it left no time to explore my inherent artistic talent.  I’m from Flagstaff which at the time was a beautiful small college town in Northern Arizona.  My father was an untrained artist with immense talent in oil painting as well as pen and ink.

Upon moving back to Arizona and retiring from the corporate world, I had time to pursue my long-time coming love of art. 

I was encouraged in my artistic pursuits by Ken Ottinger, a renowned professional artist.  He inspired me to try different mediums and to actively study each. Adding to what I learned about art in my past Interior Design education, I continue to develop my skills; I’ve completed classes in Clay, Watercolor, Mixed Media, Charcoal, Acrylic and Pet Portraits.

My process is to determine what the best medium for the subject is and what renders the visual effects I want.  I work with a client’s photo or picture and in some cases just an idea to produce a unique work of art that the client loves or can’t wait to give as a gift. 


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