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Doll Artist



I grew up in California, moved to Texas in 1994 then retired to Arizona 2021. Both my parents were very artistic. I can't remember a time where I had nothing to create. Ideas are everywhere, It just takes a fleeting moment or look to become obsessed with a new idea.

I love saving items from a landfill, once loved now cast aside or the owner has passed and I rescue it for a new beginning. Ex: A broken piece becomes a vessel for an air plant. I also take unusual new products to a whole new level. Check out my Etsy shop rocknrosecreek.

For me, creating a memorable design begins with a look then a question, will it work?  In my travels I have no specific items on the agenda. The Dream doesn’t work if I pre-plan it.  In other words, once an item attracts my interest my creative side of my brain feels the inspiration and takes control. The lost treasure comes home, and becomes found again.


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